Organizational Sustainability

CivicLex Revenue:

Grant & Foundational Support: $51,316.42

  • John S. & James L. Knight Foundation: $50,000.00

  • Collexion Fund: $1,316.42

Membership Income: $12,314.01

  • Donors: 9,022.84

  • Members: $3,291.17

Total Revenue: $63,730.43

Civiclex Revenue

CivicLex Expenditures:

Administrative Expenses: $285.91

Program Expenses: $11,446.18

Staff Expenses: $44,980.00

Total Expenditures: $57,534.78

CivicLex Expenditures


Where do we go from here?


CivicLex wants to become sustainable with what we have.

CivicLex receives a substantial amount of its revenue from a 4-year grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation through the Blue Grass Community Foundation. While this funding is currently essential, it is not sustainable for our model to rely on this funding.

By the end of next year, we want to have an additional $20,000 per year in Membership Income.

CivicLex wants to grow our team.

We’re looking for support from donors, members, and grant-making organizations to show what we can do with our work when we are not on a shoestring budget. We are looking to add a second Americorps VISTA next year, and expand our programming to more areas of the city. We have to escape the Downtown Bubble.

Increased programming and adding an Americorps VISTA will cost CivicLex $15,000.00. We want to find this revenue through grant-making organizations.

CivicLex wants a physical space.

We’re currently officing in the Plantory, which is a fantastic space. But, we’re looking for a more spacious fit for our work - one where we can host lectures, salons, and more engaging programming. We want a space where people can come if they have questions about civic life in Lexington.

A Physical Space will cost CivicLex an estimated $10,000 - $12,000 per year. We want to find this revenue through grant-making organizations or an in-kind donation.

CivicLex wants to iterate.

We want other communities to start looking at our model. In 2019, we are going to be launching a new CivicLex homepage that will direct people to our various different properties (Information Hub, Election Hub, etc.) and provide a home for what we are calling “The Commons”. This will be a repository of all of our work - think of it as access to our file server. We’ll have templates and toolkits for every part of our work coming online slowly throughout 2019.

CivicLex Commons will be free to make and free to use.


We need your support to make this happen.

Please consider supporting our work.


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