On The Table



March 28, 2018

CivicLex was an engagement partner on the Blue Grass Community Foundation’s On the Table process in 2018. We partnered with the Plantory to host 12 tables about 12 different Community Development sectors, each with their own expert facilitator.

Conversations were hosted using specific Toolkit additions to Blue Grass Community Foundation’s already existing On The Table Toolkit. The results from these sessions were coded, categorized, and were used to construct CivicLex’s first city-wide poll.

You can access the CivicLex Toolkit Expansions here.


Impact & Statistics:

  • People Directly Reached: 167

  • People Reached In-Person: 167

  • Government Workers Engaged: 11

  • Facilitated Communal Conversations: 12

Outcomes & Conclusions:

  • Our On The Table work helped lay the foundation for our in-person work for the rest of the year. While some of the conversations were contentious, they gave us a great look at the possibilities for facilitating dialogue in person.

  • There was considerable variation in how many people showed up for the conversations. We think that the engagement level of the facilitator and the timing during the day were the chief causes of this issue.