New Civic Resources

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CivicLex’s Information Hub contains both Issue Coverage and Civic Resources - more static pieces of information that residents can learn and use to further their participation in local civic affairs.

Some the resources launched this year allow residents to find out who represents them on city council, what district they live in, where to vote, how LFUCG is organized and how to get in touch with various offices and officials. Each resource operates with the aim to break down barriers to participation and make local government more accessible to the people it serves.


Statistics & Info:

  • People Directly Reached: 6,342

  • People Reached In-Person: N/A

  • Government Workers Engaged: N/A

  • Facilitated Communal Conversations: N/A

Outcomes & Conclusions:

  • Aside from our Election Hub, the most-used resource was the “Where Do I Vote tool” tool, which launched in October 2018. In less than two months it was used by 1,229 people.

  • According to voter records, roughly one in every 100 voters in Fayette County used our “Where Do I Vote?” tool.