CivicLex Launch



September 28, 2017

CivicLex launched its prototype platform in September of 2017 at an event in the Loudoun House. We took the entire space over, turning it into a visual representation of the information on our platform, which focused (initially) on Affordable Housing.

As part of our mission of bringing governmental officials and citizens into closer relationship, we brought in Rick McQuady, Director of the Office of Affordable Housing to talk one-on-one with Lexington Residents about Lexington’s Affordable Housing challenges.

The event featured:

  • A process chart for applying for funds from the Affordable Housing Fund

  • Visual representations of Area Median Incomes, Poverty Rates, and Housing Costs

  • An interactive timeline of Lexington’s Affordable Housing Fund history

  • A reading room featuring literature and studies about Affordable Housing in Lexington

  • A group conversation with Rick McQuady


Impact & Statistics:

  • People Directly Reached: 79

  • People Reached In-Person: 79

  • Government Workers Engaged: 3

  • Facilitated Communal Conversations: 1

Outcomes & Conclusions:

  • Based on participant feedback from this event, we altered CivicLex’s direction to include more in-person workshops and events.

  • >85% of attendees interviewed expressed a greater understanding of Affordable Housing issues impacting Lexington after the event itself.

  • One of the main issues with the event was that because it so clearly focused on Affordable Housing, some attendees initially thought that would be the sole focus of CivicLex.