Election Hub



September 1 - November 6, 2018

As a response to resident concerns that information around the 2018 Election was difficult to find, CivicLex created an Election Hub to provide a one-stop shop for information about the candidates running for local office in Lexington.

CivicLex built the website from the ground up -including pages for each race and candidate and a regularly updated calendar to highlight important deadlines and public forum dates. Individual pages included photos and campaign information about the candidates, their finance records, links to voter guides, and relevant journalism.

In order to better inform the Hub, CivicLex also conducted a survey of both candidates and Lexington residents to determine what their priorities were. This represented the first public poll that CivicLex placed into the field.

You can visit the Election Hub here.

You can read the results of the Citizen Survey here.

You can read the results of the Candidate survey here.


Statistics & Info:

  • People Directly Reached: 3,727

  • People Reached In-Person: N/A

  • Government Workers Engaged: N/A

  • Facilitated Communal Conversations: N/A

Outcomes & Conclusions:

  • Close to one out of every 30 people in Fayette County that voted in Local Elections in 2018 used our Election Hub.

  • While we had around 4,000 unique visitors, the Hub had 19,100 Page Views - showing us that individuals were not just navigating and leaving, but staying and browsing.

  • Traffic history show us that the most popular content pieces were regarding the Council-At-Large race and the Judicial Races.

  • The Election Hub was regarded as an overall success by CivicLex staff, and will be repeated in future Election Cycles.

  • Information from the Election Hub surveys will be used to guide CivicLex’s 2019 work.