CivicLex Radio Hour



Started November 2018

CivicLex Radio Hour is a bi-weekly radio show & podcast that focuses on civic affairs in Lexington.

The show is a “magazine format” that features interviews from Lexington’s residents, elected officials, government workers, and community organization members about the city’s most pressing issues.

CivicLex Radio Hour allows CivicLex to present issues in a thoughtful way, looking at them from multiple points of view, so that our listeners gain a deep understanding of and are better able to engage with them. We also want to be sure that the feeling of lightness and fun that runs through our work is present in the show - so it gets silly.

CivicLex Radio Hour broadcasts on Lexington Community Radio (93.9 fm) every Thursday at 12pm. It can also be heard through all major podcasting apps (including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts).


Impact & Statistics:

  • People Directly Reached: 378

  • People Reached In-Person: N/A

  • Government Workers Engaged: 3

  • Facilitated Communal Conversations: N/A

Outcomes & Conclusions:

  • CivicLex Radio Hour has been a great way for us to focus around specific issues, but it takes a lot of time to produce! We hope that we can use it as a way to help folks hear directly from residents in the future.


Listen to our latest episode: